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Free download for offline use of paris metro maps in pdf, jpg or png formats. Take a look at our detailed itineraries, guides and maps to help you plan your trip to paris. Route plan paris offline map and metro route planner for. Click on the map to enlarge download the map pdf 186. The railway companies offer two types of intermodal transport. Printable paris metro map pdf rer print paris metro map pdf rer regional metro.

The first line of the paris metro was built shortly before the universal exhibition of 1900. Metro map shows all stations of 14 metro lines are key stations of 5 regional metro lines. Select the appropriate letter below and browse through a list of. The essential mobile app for easily getting around your favourite cities.

This ratp paris metro rer map covers all 14 metro lines 16 if you include the bis lines and the 5 regional train lines rer a to e. Every line and all the elements of the map have been rethought and brought to a new visual form to enable fast and easy route finding. Line 1 all stations between concorde and etoile line 2. The metro rer zones are not printed on this map but the darker shade is zone 2, with the lighter tanbeige being zone 1 or central paris. The paris metro map is a map showing the lines and stations of the paris metro in france. Interactive map of paris with all popular attractions eiffel tower, notre dame, louvre museum and more. For individual metro line maps for paris metro line 1 through 14 see paris metro line maps. Metro map of paris and the iledefrance region ratp.

Locate the top sights on the map of paris arrondissements the 20 districts. Archives for ty 2012 to ty 2018 will continue to be available at taxmap. The paris metro has become one of the symbols of paris, it is characterized by the density of its network and by its architectural style influenced by art nouveau. Official paris metro map with 14 metro lines and 5 rer lines. Here youll find a free and updated paris metro map pdf that includes all the metro lines and stations of the paris metro network plus useful. Explore paris the easy way with a free paris metro map to help you get around the city. Printable paris metro map in small format, good for printing on a 4. Download to your tabletphone or print at home pdf format.

Combined transport uic international union of railways. The paris underground system can be tricky to navigate but if you download our printable paris transport map in pdf format itll make getting from a to b. We looked at paris from a different perspective and it inspired us to create this fundamentally new map of paris metro system, regional trains, and trams. Overseas development institute and oil change international 2015. Irs tax map will not be updated after october 25, 2019. Promote interoperability, and as a standard setting organisation. Our interactive paris metro map is designed to make your journeys easier. If you file for a nonresident alien estate or trust that. Paris metro map pdf free guide to using the paris metro insidr. The paris underground system can be tricky to navigate but if you download our printable paris transport map in pdf format itll make getting from a to b stressfree the paris metro and the rer is a regular and reliable network and starts running from 5. Print official paris metro map for your convenience and use in paris. Afc system proves to be cheaper than semiautomatic manual system in long run due to.

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