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This interface attempts to ease the pain of downloading 30meter resolution elevation data from the shuttle radar topography mission click on yellow tiles to download their corresponding data tiles come as zipped srtmhgt files at 1arcsecond resolution 3601x3601 pixels in a latitudelongitude projection, downloaded from nasa servers. The shuttle radar topography mission srtm is a tremendous resource because of its high accuracy and its consistency as a snapshot of earths surface, acquired over just. The cgiarcsi geoportal is able to provide srtm 90m digital. Central african republic elevation model humanitarian.

Click on the srtm30 tile to download the digital elevation map dem from the place you select. If you want to download srtm data, those data are available at the us geological surveys eros data center for download. I read about the new version of the digital elevation model at 30 meters srtm 30 meters, but i can not find from were i can download it. Improved and voidfilled global topographic model of the srtm data. The srtm resulted in a 1 arc second dem about 30 m resolution but data covering areas outside the united states has been resampled to 3 arc seconds about 90 m resolution for our. Free satellite data, satellite imagery, digital elevation models dems, topographic maps and free software links. The dem data on this site are version 3 of the csisrtm data with included improved clipping of shorelines using the srtm water bodies data swbd, and improved interpolation of voids areas using high resolution auxiliary data for us, canada, mexico, europe. The cgiarcsi geoportal is able to provide srtm 90m digital elevation data for the entire world. Using the shuttle radar topography mission srtm digital. Data can be downloaded using a browser or accessed directly from the ftp site. Central african republic elevation model srtm 90m digital elevation database v4.

The grid resolution is 15 seconds which is roughly 0. Land data are based on the 1km averages of topography derived from the usgs srtm30 grided dem data product created with data from the nasa shuttle radar topography. To upload a file, drag the file from your hard drive to the browser window. Arranged in tiles that are 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude, shuttle radar topography mission srtm data was acquired over a 11day mission in february 2000. Online dem data on this site will be updated in mid2005.

Processed srtm 90m digital elevation data dem for the. Does anybody know a ftpadress where we can download srtm1. This interface attempts to ease the pain of downloading 30meter resolution elevation data from the shuttle radar topography mission click on yellow. The shuttle radar topography mission srtm data products result from a collaborative mission by the national aeronautics and space administration nasa, the national imagery and. It does not have data voids and its r1 1 arc second variant is now available for most of the world. Salah satu produk geospasial yang dishare di publik adalah data dem srtm. The global land cover facility glcf at the university of maryland, college park houses shuttle radar topography mission srtm data. Astronaut gerhard thiele takes you on a tour of shuttle endeavours cargo bay and the srtm hardware. Plugin for blender written in python, used to import srtm shuttle radar topography mission data as a mesh. An overview of the different versions is given in figure 2 in the srtm. It is not final processed heightfield data ready for primetime. Dem ini bisa dimanfaatkan untuk banyak keperluan, seperti membuat peta ketinggian, kelas.

Users should be aware that these data are intended for use with a. The data is published for download here, but its sliced into thousands of small files, and i dont see an ftp option for more efficient. Access to srtm v3 nasas srtm v3 is generally the best dem source that you can get. Free for all nearglobal 30meter srtm elevation data. The download for about 80 gb of srtm data took about 1 day and worked flawlessly. Users should be aware that these data are intended for use with geographic information system gis or other special application software, and are not directly viewable in a browser. In windows, how do i use ftp in my web browser to upload. There are 2 ways that srtm data can be used with pathloss 5. Srtm data for a number of sites within the united states are now available for download via file transfer protocol ftp. Thanks for contributing an answer to stack overflow. As has been said by others also, you should try for earth explorer and glcf sites for srtm data. The mission collected elevation data from 56s to 60n and was the highest resolution topographical database at the time of acquisition more. See the section below for a 2014 update srtm shuttle radar topography mission, a joint project between the nima and nasa to.

This filter will only be applied to data sets that support cloud cover filtering in the data set list denotes cloud cover support. The nasa shuttle radar topographic mission srtm has provided digital elevation data dems for over 80% of the globe. Free digital elevation model dem and free satellite data. Ps, yes i know i could make something like this myself with srtm data, but i dont really need anything more than a quick and dirty background wmstype layer. This data is currently distributed free of charge by usgs and is available for download from the national map seamless data distribution system, or the usgs ftp site. Download srtm data the data could be downloaded under the open database license. The eudem is a hybrid product based on srtm and aster gdem data fused by a weighted averaging approach and it has been generated as a contiguous dataset divided into 1 degree. A 1 arc second data product was also produced, but is not available for all countries. Shuttle radar topography mission srtm 1 arcsecond global elevation data at a resolution of 1 arc. Srtm shuttle radar topography mission quality version 4 is now finished, and will be available online by july. But they come in 90 m resolution for most of the countries while 30 m resolution dem comes. The data can be configured as a dem and used for all profile and background generation or it can be used in. The srtm data used in this tutorial is evaluation data provided for testing in the gis community.

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