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He then pointed out the ease of portability between the pc and xbox 360, so its not going too far out on a limb to suggest that hellgate might someday find a home on the 360. London 2038 evoker fast moloch solo kill spectral serpents, tempest, dps meter duration. Video card with 128 mb or more memory, pixel shader 2. Hellgate is an action rpg game you have been waiting for. London play with a gamepad or joystick controller support for any pc gamepad, xbox 360 controller, ps3 or ps4 controller, playstation controller, etc you are probably having trouble playing hellgate. Normal topic hot topic more than 15 replies very hot topic more than 25 replies locked topic sticky topic poll. The rpg authority flagship studios was founded by the core creators of diablo, one of the biggest pc gaming franchises in history with over million units. Hellgate london has been developed flagship studios and is published under the banner of bandai namco and electronics arts this game was released on 31 st october, 2007.

London, the apocalyptic capitalbased rpg, could be heading to xbox 360, according to comments attributed to us publisher namco bandais director, zach karlsson. Hellgate, for those who dont know, is sort of a hybrid. London je naprosto brilantni akcni rpg, ktere v soucasne dobe nema v zanru konkurenci. Hellgate times noticed a comment on kotatu from a namcobandai rep that the copublisher aims to put flagships hellgate london on the xbox 360 postpc launch, i would assume. Since its first release hellgate won the hearts of. Download patches, mods, wallpapers and other files from.

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