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Young bucks hit special meltzer driver in memory of. Young bucks meltzer driver everybody shirt manufacturer pro wrestling tees description young bucks meltzer driver everybody shirt young bucks meltzer driver everybody shirt is a shirt of the the young bucks. The young bucks i was kinda curious as to why this match was a thing but it was a lot of fun, cool to see the bucks just kinda be a dominant force, its a fun thing to see. The young bucks nick and matt tell us exactly how they came up with the meltzer driver move, why they came up with it and the possibility of adding the cornette crusher to their arsenal of. The young bucks try out some new catchphrases 6 submitted by jordan mishkin on mon, 09 october 2017, 08. After posing and entering the ring, the bucks came face to face with the other participants in the match and proceeded to superkick everybody in. Til if you hit an indytaker tombstone spike piledriver. This is one of the young bucks signature moves, and if you pull it off in the game, it will trigger corey graves referring to it as a meltzer driver. The bucks hit a meltzer driver on beretta for the win. In fact, kenny is closer with their opponents tonight, the young bucks, as they make up the original elite. Despite mjf pleading for him to kickout, the bucks get the win.

The young bucks performed a meltzer driver onto page on the ramp, which drew some boos. Tell me where you had seen the meltzer driver before. The young bucks would eventually prevail after nick jackson super kicked ortiz while matt jackson held a steel chair to his face. Report wwe had big plans for kenny omega, cody rhodes. Debuting in august of 2008, the young bucks went on to win tag team titles in wrestling promotions across america. This felt like it was solely booked for the live crowd. More bang for your buck in 2009 and meltzer driver in 2014 2011, 2012, 20 and 2016 socal uncensored. For those unaware, indytaker is this, meltzer driver is just when nick does a flip off the springboard into it. Young bucks why we call it the meltzer driver youtube. Meltzer driver rules, its a spike piledriver with flair whats not to like. They are currently signed to the wwe where they perform on the smackdown brand, where they are current wwe cruiserweight tag team champions in their first reign. The young bucks are celebrated for their athleticism and ability to work at an exceptionally fast pace. Al snow says dave meltzer is the greatest worker in the history of. Their finisher, the meltzer driver, embodies their dynamism and effectiveness together in.

They joined new japan pro wrestling in october 20 and made the bullet club a dominant force in the junior heavyweight tag team division. It was wellworked and was the style you saw the bucks do a lot in new japan, especially with roppongi vice and bobby. The bucks rallied and set up jay briscoe for the fivestar meltzer driver. The young bucks are basically a walking highlight reel of wrestling moves, but the meltzer driver is one move that really stands out from the crowd. One of matt and nick jacksons signature moves is called the meltzer driver named after the famous writer who historically. The young bucks and styles then hit an ultimate combo fatality finish on bennett, for the pinfall victory. After the death of meltzers father herbert, the young bucks paid tribute to him at g1 special in usa with a new version of the move, named the herbert meltzer driver. Dave meltzer discusses the young bucks meltzer driver, kevin nashs criticism of him, men dominating pro wrestling journalism, more. He knows that the bucks have been making fun of them lately, but it was all in the spirit of. Believe good wrestling consists of nothing but blown spots and zero ring psychology. The young bucks professional wrestlers meltzer driver everybody tshirt more information. Young bucks beat lucha bros at aew double or nothing. The young bucks spring board pile driver is terrible, the aa is no worse than a back body drop but somehow its a finisher the meltzer driver is awesome despite all their moves being flippy shit. Matt got on the mic and said that things got a little competitive there.

They previously worked for various promotions on the independent circuit, most notably total nonstop action wrestling tna. Say what you want about their gimmick, but the bucks have proved themselves in the ring. The young bucks and kota ibushi beat rey mysterio, fenix and bandido in an exciting sixman tag team main event at all in on saturday from the sears centre arena. Young bucks, kota ibushi beat rey mysterio, fenix, bandido. Kazarian blocks a meltzer driver attempt by matt and. They are currently apart of all elite wrestling aew. Their style is definitely spot strong but the bucks have proven they can wrestle many other styles as well. The young bucks continuously superkick the pwg ring announcer until he. Before the bucks could execute the move, however, mark briscoe blasted nick jackson with a chair.

The young bucks are one of the best tag teams of all time. The young bucks are an american professional wrestling tag team, consisting of brothers. And while page was once close with them, hes started lashing out against them, possibly frustrated with the fact hes the least successful one. The duo then performed the meltzer driver on ortiz onto another. The young bucks are notorious fans of dave meltzer and vice versa. Today, were taking a look at quite possibly the most popular tag team in the world the young bucks, who make their discovery wrestling return tomorrow night.

Bros at aew double or nothing, retain aaa tag team titles. And i think the young bucks just know their audience and know they wanna see the super kicks and melter driver and all that stuff so thats what they do when the wrestle in japan theyre a little bit lighter with the schtick. The young bucks are up there with the briscoe brothers and redragon at. They take the undertakers tombstone piledriver and turn it into a tag team move with some impressive young buck flips. My wish list start your own store my customer account retail store events. The young bucks is an american professional wrestling tag team, consisting of real life brothers matt and nick massie also known by their ring names matt and nick jackson from southern california. While kenny has tried to play peacemaker, the bucks are tired of his crap. Live up to their names by building damns in their spare time. Get the young bucks meltzer driver everybody tshirt on the young bucks official store.

Blade taken into the tombstone position, meltzer driver. It should also be noted that the young bucks contract included a clause that would let them leave wwe if they didnt like their direction within three months into their contracts. They are also former threetime world tag team champions, nxt tag team and wwe. The meltzer driverso named for longtime wrestling critic and reporter dave meltzerexemplifies the over the top style of this trailblazing duo. The young bucks are a professional wrestling tag team consisting of real life brothers matt and nick jackson real names matthew and nicholas massie from the suburbs of southern california. More bang for your buck, double superkick, indytaker spike tombstone piledriver, meltzer driver. The bucks entered the ring and took turns hitting omega with superkicks, then hit him with a double. The young bucks meltzer driver compilation youtube. The young bucks professional wrestlers meltzer driver. The young bucks and cody the young bucks and cody come out as the show opens and do a comedy segment about the lack of pyro and having a random cameo. Bobby fish was able to save the match by pulling the referee to the outside of the ring, and red dragon were able to retain, but the bucks truly. That move is now called the meltzer driver, named after hall of fame wrestling journalist dave meltzer. Young bucks are ready for anything, even the wwe sports.

It was a very good main event and probably the secondbest match on the show. Trained by marty jannetty and ron rivera, they stand out due to their everconstant boyish looks and mannerisms and their colorful attire, as well as their aerodynamic wrestling. The young bucks debuted for pro wrestling guerrilla pwg on june 10, 2007, in burbank, california at roger dorn night, losing to arrogance chris bosh and scott lost. Young bucks figure 4 weekly fandom powered by wikia. The young bucks crash another independent wrestling event. Dave knows that the meltzer driver is one spectacular looking wrestling move that has hit the indie wrestling scene. The young bucks tear up the rings in pwg, hoh, tna, roh, new japan and where ever they lace up their boots. The young bucks recently appeared on sean waltmans xpac 12360 podcast.

Dave meltzer, the bucks finisher, the meltzer driver, is named after him, said the following. This was a bit wacky at times, but overall it was a fun match. Young bucks meltzer driver everybody shirt pro wrestling. Finishers have such clever names, such as indytaker and meltzer driver get it. The perfect meltzer driver bucks animated gif for your conversation. We had a super kick shoot interview that went over 3 hours long and you better believe they brought their game face on for their first ever rf video shoot. The finish lacked drama and the audience started to tire near the end. The match was set up when the young bucks moved up to heavyweight and took exception to omega calling his golden lovers duo with ibushi the best tag team in the world. There was a dude on rwwegames who was dead set on them being the same move. Tag to nick, elevates blade for the top rope senton, butcher has to break up the pin. Dave meltzer discusses the young bucks meltzer driver, kevin. Matt jackson on hitting the meltzer driver on night 2 of the g1 us special. The young bucks are a professional wrestling tag team consiting of real life brothers matt and nick jackson.

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